My list of things that suck!

My top 10 list of sucky things:

1.  Cable…I hate paying for it and then you can’t even find anything good to watch!

2.  How hard and how much the Hubby works because I can’t.

3.  Cleaning litter, washing pots and pans, trippping over boots/shoes left all over the house.

4.  The fact that I have no social life anymore.

5.  My poor doggie is still petrified of fireworks and thunder.

6.  That my Brothers and nephew Conner live so far away.

7.  Danny going back to school after a break.

8.  Paying so much for medications that I have to take.

9.  People who are mean suck.

10.  The fact that a few people I know just don’t understand that I am still sick after all this time. Sorry!


5 responses

  1. My list of 10 would probably be 83..

    Here’s mine!

    1.Having no real contact with people anymore.

    2. My grandson lives so far away from me!

    3. Having a grandson who I could babysit for, but instead he’s in daycare.

    4. Paying so much for cable and cell phones.

    5. Winter, and being confined in the house.

    6. Marty doesn’t feel good thru the winter and we don’t do anything!

    7. Yes medications cost way too much and having to take more meds to counteract the side effects.

    8. Getting texts on my birthday, and nobody except my brother Dave and Steph called. I felt so alone. My brother said.. well you’re out of town (I was in Vegas) I said “Don… I’m always out of town when you call, I live in a different state

    9. Getting older and now it is definitely, getting closer to the drop off on the conveyor belt!

    10. Which should be no. 1, but I’m being poite.. it should be #1. My son Jon’s WIFE!

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