Chubby Little Short Ladies

I have been trying to get out of the house and do something…anything.  BUT I am afraid of the dreaded “I need to lay down now…I can’t take another step” feeling that can come on very quickly.  This evening Karen and I went to Kohl’s to check stuff out but mostly because I had a 30% off coupon.  We couldn’t find anything good.  Tried looking for a cheese slicer and couldn’t find one anywhere!  Don’t they make them anymore?  I’m married to a guy who is half Swiss who will eat anything I burn if there is cheese on it.  Got disgusted trying on a few shirts because the clothes manufacturers think that if you are a “Plus Size Gal” your must be over 5ft 10inches!  To that I say what about us little short chubby ladies?  Walked out with black sweat pants, funky earrings and a pair of faded ripped up jeans for Dan.  With my coupon and merchandise credits from returns I spent $9.52!  And I didn’t get tired! Yay for me!


3 responses

  1. Not only are the “plus sizes” too long ~ they are on the bottom shelf where you have to stand on your head to find the right size…then my fat butt is sticking straight up ~ Good Grief! Lord, have mercy!!!

  2. Yes they still make cheese slicers,, my favorite is a cheese planer, it slices thin and it’s easy to clean.. Others are not as easy, like the one with the wire, but I suppose it’s all dishwasher safe unless it has a wooden handle or something….. However, I mostly use a cutting board and a knife.. Do you have a cutting board and I knife? if you do you have a cheese slicer.

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