I got a new shipment of some meds today from our new mail order RX place.  Why do these little pills cost so much?  I have 10 different prescriptions and I take 17 pills everyday…plus the supplements that the docs tell me to take.  Vitamin D, DHEA, CoQ10, magnesium, Acidofilius,….no wonder I am always nauseous.  Can’t stop taking any of them either.  It’s crazy.  Take a pill to help you wake up, another one to help you stay awake, another to help you go to sleep. Like I said, why do these little tiny things cost so much $$$$$$$$$???  I knew I should have bought stocks in pharmaceuticals when I had the chance!


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  1. They used to say that you are paying for the research and development that went into making the drug, and then once it was able to become a generic the prices wouldn’t be so high, but there is a huge profit margin beyond the R & D.

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