Calling Dr. Kildare


I’m sitting on the most uncomfortable hospital room couch that has ever been made.  I will never get to sleep on this.  Ya see, my Mother was admitted yesterday because she was very anemic and they needed to pump her up with some good blood.  She got one unit yesterday and one today.  Mom is a feisty old Gal, 87 years old, and is as sharp as a tack.  And she loves it here.  She talks to the nurses and knows everything about them. She knows who is married, how many kids they have, if they are foreign she finds out where they are from…it’s pretty funny.

My sister was here all day and night yesterday and I am here today.  We both took the elevator up and down several million times and didn’t find one doctor ready to make out with us!  Go figure!  It happens on TV all the time…Sheesh!

I’m sure Mom will go home tomorrow and that will dash our hopes of finding Dr. McDreamy, or Dr. McSteamy, of Dr. Noah Drake, or Dr. Burke or any one of a ga-jillion handsome Doctors, working in this hospital.

Oh well…I guess all that matters is that she is better.  We always could go hang around the Fire House and maybe find some Hotties there! 


6 responses

  1. I never know what’s going on with your mom… member she was like a mom to me? I haven’t forgotten that….. those pix.. Luka, definitely, it’s the dark hair, sometimes when ER is on and I drift back to sleep in the am, I’m working there, course…. almost with Luka!!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your mother!

    But I’m glad she is so feisty in the hospital…I always found I actually flourished in the hospital as opposed to at home, in order to make those who are with me feel more comfortable. Strange.

    I hope the hard chairs and couches of the hospital don’t cause too much of a flare!!


  3. oh,,,, sorry to hear that,, I know I hadn’t talked to anyone in a couple of days, but I didn’t know why…. Last I heared her hemoglobin and hematacrit was up above nine.. That was just last week I think.. She must have dropped quick.

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