I love Firemen

My Mom is still in the hospital (since Monday) and something happened last night that really pisses me off.  The fire alarm was set off somehow at about 12:50 a.m. and continued blaring for 20 minutes.  Now, I totally understand how fire alarms are handled by the Fire Department and Police Department after working as a dispatcher for many years.  I know the Firefighters respond and then clomp around checking everything, until it is determined what is going on.  Unfortunately, the alarm cannot be just turned off, there are procedures to follow, and there isn’t just one button to push to turn it off.  But, last night when the Firefighters were doing their jobs, the Nurses and Aides weren’t. No one came in my Mom’s room.  No one came in her room and told her that the Fire Department was there. No one came in her room and told her to stay calm.  No one came in her room.  My Mother is thankfully a very calm person. She is 87 and a cardiac patient and she wasn’t afraid.  But I can’t stop thinking about the other patients laying in their beds.  I called the Director of Nursing today and complained…she was very upset.  But not as upset as me. Once again let me say….no one came in her room.   Good thing I wasn’t there when this was going on.  I would have kicked some ass. What do your think about this?


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  1. I HATE to see people giving nurses a bad rap.
    There could be a reasonable explanation to it and I’m sure the DON will look into it. Nurse to patient ratio is at an all time low, especially at night. .. No one wants to be a nurse anymore because, based on what they are paid, there is far too much responsibility and stress. So when no one wants the job, hospitals take whatever they can get,, If you don’t pay a nurse what she is worth, sometimes you don’t get the quality you want…. And,,, Sometimes I think that know matter what the nurse does, people will always find something to complain about, or find fault in. Especially in hospital care.

    I have worked in places where there happened to be a fire.. Hospitals are full of combustables and they need to be shut off, closed off, etc.. And appropriate doors need to be shut.. They have to secure med carts, etc… Maybe it was an oversight, maybe the nurses were lazy.. I’m sorry she is getting such terrible care there.

    • Holy Cats!!! I know we haven’t talked to you since last week but the one thing I gotta tell you is…..WE LOVE MY MOM’S NURSES! My Mom even tried to fix one of them up with Billy! I guess you’re right and I shouldn’t have just assumed it was the nurses that fucked up. But something went wrong. She is still there today…..sigh. Her hemoglobin is up to 10.something and they are still undecided as to what they are going to do.

      p.s. I love nurses…especially you Princess!

      • Thank you,, I love you! I feel bad for hospital nurses… It sounds like it was a drill, there are policies and precedures they need to follow.. You said your mom was fine, not rattled at all… That’s good.

    • I think it is unfortunate that Cheri has come into the nursing profession at such a later date, and was not able to experience what it was like in the 70’s… as when Scott went into cardiac arrest, they asked me what I wanted to do! There was no advanced directives, cuz there was no law suits then. I simply said, with life support, how long will he live? A couple of days. How long without? About a half hour. He died with dignity and I know I told them what he wanted. It was like how the world was without cell phones or answering machines, you just found out later who called when they called back….. we have lost so much simpleness, and yes hospitals are working with a lack of nurses… I think the whole medical field is a shame and is totally run by insurance companies!

  2. KICKED SOME ASS!!!!!!!! I WOULD HAVE JOINED YOU!!! Unfortunately the story you are telling me is all to common to my ears. Everytime I admit a patient to home care…. I hear horendous stories about “how nobody this, and no one that, and this doctor said, but that one didn’t”… and ask a nurse, “well I don’t know but the home care nurse will show you”….. it definitely is not the way it was when I worked in the hospital, I left in 1985. I don’t think I could stand it now… I work part time for a reason, and that is because I can follow a patient at my own discretion, if I like them,if they need me, If I know what to do for them, and I work alot of my days off, but making 1 or 2 visit on a day off, is nothing… I’m still off. As I always thought it was cool that my Dad went to the health dept to read cultures and got $50 for the month!!!! He did it when we were doing errands. So, I work on that theory. But I feel I can offer patients a little bit more, something I learned with Scottie, PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND, AND THERE IS NO LONGER “ANY” COMMUNICATION IN THE HOSPITALS, WHATSO EVER!!! I think it is disgusting, I think it is an unprofessional “…. (unfortunately I am not proud to say I am a nurse) and I am looking forward to my retirement… I am sorry this happened, and because your Mom is calm, is no excuse… many people aren’t, and have no way of understanding. ‘Member what I used to do with Scott? I just but right in there, and didn’t let anyone mess up with anything! Unfortunately the wall is now much thicker!!! I just don’t understand what these people do when they work?!?

    • I remember how you hated to work in the hospitals. Either Karen or I stay overnight with my Mom everytime she is admitted. The Nurses appreciate it that we are there because we can do all the little things for her and not have to call a Nurse or Aide. We really haven’t had a bad nurse there for my Mom they are all so nice. Of course my Mom loves to talk and I’m sure they like that better than patients that are demanding and bitchy.

      I love Nurses

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