Happy Valentines Day

This is a day to spend money on flowers, candy, cards or jewelry.  Bah Humbug I say.  I want none of that nonsense.  I want hand made cards and phone calls.  I want special e-mails from my friends.  I want someone to bring me coffee in the morning while I am still in bed.  I want someone to tell me I’m pretty.  I want doggie kisses and kitty purrs. I want a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and a glass of wonderful wine.  I want to go to sleep with a smile on my lips and butterflies in my stomach.  Just like last year, and the year before that and so on and so on.  I will report back.


It takes 3 seconds to say  “I love You”, but a lifetime to prove it . 


If I ever saw Heaven, it was in your eyes.


If I had a flower for everytime I thought of you I would walk forever in a garden


Let your heart guide you…but listen closely because it whispers 


Heart Lights!


2 responses

  1. As you know it is just a day for Hallmark and flowers. I HATE the pajama commercial or the Vermont teddybear commercial. Lame. If i could come over tomorrow I would bring you a cold grilled cheese sandwich and of course a bottle of Boones Farm apple wine. Everytime you would pee and smell apples, you could think of me!! Just like on my birthday, when my brother called and I heard a PERSON on the other end I was shocked! These days just et us up for depression, thinking everyone else has a wonderful life.. well everybody else, is just like us!! Just the same regular people who hate it too!! I hafta get going on this blog thing.. I have ALOT to say! You seem to be doing rather well, twitter which is live comments connects with blogs too! Sometimes I want everybody to know what I think, I’m working on a blog.. you will find it interesting. I’ll get to it, watch my Rocky video on face!

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