Just another Manic Monday

I hate Monday because:

  • Joe goes back to work and then after that hell-hole he goes to his part-time job.  When he leaves for work in the morning I am in bed.  When he comes back at night I am in bed.
  • My Mom goes to the hospital every Monday for her IV infusion of meds that are keeping her alive.  I feel guilty because I can’t take her.
  • Doesn’t it always seem like there is nothing in the refrigerator on Monday morning? 
  • There is nothing good to watch on TV on Monday night.

I can’t wait for Dancing with the Stars come back….it’s on Monday night.


9 responses

  1. Your blogging is making me mad… just like even tho I could draw, your stickmen were always more expressive. I can’t get all those things on the side, but I did get the video on!!!

  2. OH yea.. you know now it’s Tuesday, therefore it’s almost Friday, but we have no football game to go to with out thermos of coffee, so we can pee in the toilet together,,,, Aria and I do that!!! See… I do find cool stuff in between… ; D

  3. AND…… NO MATTER HOW CRAPPY MONDAYS CAN BE……. I can’t seem to put myself in that place, I was in, in 1976 on Monday morning when Scott was in bed next to me, my dad came over, drew his blood and bout 11:00 my dad would call me with his results. I would call his doc…. I already knew if it was ok or not…. but, THEN, I had all of you. None of you left my side, each of you in your own way contributed to helping that heart sinking feeling Sunday evening, when I didn’t want Monday morning to come… Monday morning really didn’t matter, the results were already within him, I just didn’t know the yet. All of you… all of you, made those days the best days of my life, and no Monday morning can ever equal that devastation! Oh yea… 5/23 was Monday too……… what is happening to me now?

    • I forgot about those blood tests. Our lives pretty much revolved around Scott in those day, but we didn’t realize it. We were just being normal and spending all of our time together. I know we were aware of what was going on, but we were so young, we just lived day by day. We never thought we would get old…look at us now! And I do hate Mondays.

      • Was it that we were so young and never thought we would get old? Or was it that we were really all connected… there for each other , CUZ Laura had a HOUSE!! No…. we were actually all quite mature. We knew how to seperate the good from the bad… But it was “now” that mattered, and we all mattered to each other… we were the tv show “friends” of the 70’s but only better! “Member the book “Passages” ? I still have it. We kept looking for the stuff in our 30’s… I had a real dillema, with the “urge” then! A million naked guys could walk past me.. Nuthin’! Those days had their problems!! But NOW…. there comes a time I guess you could say “Of a certain age” those guys are way too young, it hits you in your mid 50’s, 51-59…! Yes life has really gone past us AND it didn’t take long AT ALL!! “member when we thought 10 years was a big deal!? So WTF do we do now???? We are no way near our 80’s, is it a temporoary depression of going down the slide? SHIT!!! I don’t want to hit bottom!! Menopause is real and it is the thing that is making me look older, feel older, and think that there really is an end. I never said this before… but I think about years left, how old I will be when Steph is 40, or when Rock is 18… I mean I think about the end… ALOT, almost every day for a second or two. I don’t think I am depressed, I’m on an antidepressant and I take vitamin D…. I think I am having some difficulty gripping this time! MY brother told me this too. I get glimpses of it from others when we talk…I know I’m average as, I always was a 36 C, and that is average! It’s kinda scary cuz we know really how fast it goes… so is it that, what makes us not change our cycle, that I don’t want to make myself something to eat in the am? They say the earlier generation that started in the depression knows the better days later… us boomers, had it all, now we are at a loss, families are more dispersed, friends have come and gone. I have never felt as alone as I do now! But I can still smile ; )

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