Things I have been feeling for 9 years…she says it so well. It’s my life, except for the Husband part!


via My Thoughts on Fibromyalgia and Its Effect on My Children.


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  1. I think we live in a very deceiving world, as everybody else is doing so much better than you…. you have a chronic illness that has stalled your life, and day after day after day it is there, and day after day, things are just the same….. your children are around, but not like they used to be, they have their own lives, you have your dog…. but you really feel so alone all day. You have a great husband, but then, he does stuff he likes to do, and you want him to, as you understand. And your mom, it’s not like just going over to her house and you pick at the cake she never gets to frost…. she’s ill and getting old. And it doesn’t matter if it is a Monday, it can be anyday.
    Well, I don’t have your medical problem, yet sometimes I wonder what I have…. and I know so many other people like this. I almost hate going to bed at night becuz morning comes. I lay in bed for no reason, watch tv, even the reruns of Vegas, and it doesn’t take long for them to repeat. I blame it on my job and that I need to conserve my energy for later when I run around seeing patients. Shit, that’s just 2-3 nights a week. Marty and I would like to go out together, but where would we go? Because Marty doesn’t feel good alot, I find I put my life on hold instead of finding things to do on my own. So, I opt to do nothing, or play on this dumb computer, which is lonely too. My day starts at 1pm, my kids are is the family that would get together with us, my mom, my dad, my grandparents. My brother and I are close, but we spend no time together. I should work out, but that’s alot of work and when the grands are here, they wear me out. I’m friggin’ BORED…. and I do have food in my refrigerator on Mondays, just as I do every day, I am usually too lazy to get up and make myself something!!!!! This is the honest to God truth!! And, I do know, I am not the only one who feels this way and is spending alot of their time like this!!!

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