Today I felt sorry for myself all day.  I feel old.  I look old.  I don’t like it.  I am nearer to 60 years old than 50.  This morning when I was brushing my teeth I looked at myself  in the mirror and thought….what happened?                               

I used to be young……….what happened?
      I used to be young.  I used to think old people were cute and amusing….or grumpy and crabby.  I used to think that when I got old I would be just adorable.  I’m not.  I look like a 57 year old woman with dark circles under her eyes and graying hair that I dye red.  My skin is not the same.  I had beautiful skin.  I miss that.  I never looked my age.  People always thought I was younger that I really was.  I liked that.                      


   When I am with my Sister Karen – who is 8 years older, (sorry Karen) and a Chronic babe too – we laugh at each other because we look so different, and old.  When we see two elderly Ladies walking arm in arm, we always say “That’s us in 10 years”.                    

At least we have a sense of humor!                      

The Sisters - Maureen & Karen


The Sisters in ten years




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