Estate Sale – Or – Your Life For Sale

Today my Sister Karen and I went to an estate sale.  The house was a typical 1960’s bi-level with bad landscaping and a broken porch lamp.  I would call this an “inside garage sale” not an estate sale.  “Estate sale” conjurs up images of beautiful antiques, tasteful painings, lovely china and vintage jewelry.  This was a sad little house.  It was obvious that the Lady that  lived there had passed away and her family was trying to empty the place.  I don’t think I could do what they were doing.  Strange people walking around in the house, touching everything.  Turning up their noses at the prices, snickering at the black velvet picture, looking through her books and tossing them aside.  How do you decide what your Mother’s outdated clothes are worth?  What about all  her cyrstal pieces?  What about that horrendous piece of Capodimonte that was probably the most valuable thing in the whole house?  The kitchen cupboards were all open and people were rummaging through everything.  Her beautiful collection of Bradford plates laid out on a bed.  A fur stole hanging on a door.    All her little evening purses, all her little embroidered hankies….her whole personality was put out on display.  I don’t think I could do it.  I felt so sorry for that little house and everything in it.  That poor little house was so sad. 

 I bought 3 Beanie Babies for my dog.  She won’t play with them…they don’t squeek.  Diva.


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  1. I’ve been to some nice estate sales, that were done by those companies that come in and set up everything, and it’s all overpriced..

    When I went to see my dad last Sunday, I took a few things that belonged to my mom, but it was really hard to take anything yet.. She had this room with all of her “pretties” as she called them. She loved to collect and save things. She has a couple of wooden shadow boxes with small shelves in them that hold her egg ornaments and her hinged walnut shell ornaments that she has made.. I love them, but I couldn’t take them out of the house, they belong in that room where she put them. She has lots of books and things that she has collected that she has arranged into sweet little collections. I will go back in a few weeks and remove some of her clothes from the closet, but I’m not sure what else should come out of there just yet.

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