A Quiet Evening At Home With the Hubby

Here it is Wednesday already and I haven’t accomplished a thing.  It is almost 10:00 pm and I have a chicken roasting in the oven.  I was too tired to do it earlier, so I’m doing it now.  It smells wonderful.  I won’t have to cook tomorrow.  YAY!

The dreaded television has not been turned on all evening.  Men sort of get that glassy-eyed look when they get near one.  A naked woman could walk in the room, the kitchen could catch on fire but they will not take their eyes off that screen…they might miss something!

Joe and I are up in our bedroom…he’s on the loveseat with his laptop… and I’m on the chair with mine.  We are talking across the room to each other and sharing some wine.  He laughs out loud at all those silly jokes and youtube videos people send him.  He’s so cute. The phone didn’t ring, the dog didn’t ask to go outside and no one knocked on the door.  Bliss!

Speaking of wine………..I found some interesting wine glasses to look at and wish for. I would buy them all if I could!


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