Walking is not Fun Yet

Yesterday I started walking…I had promised myself that I would start on St. Patrick’s Day.  I don’t know why I picked March 17….but I started.  My sister Karen and my dog Tootsie went with me to babysit, and we walked for about 20 minutes.  Considering I have been semi-sedentary for quite a while I think I did fabulous.  Bill and Tootsie went with me today and we added about 10 more minutes more to the hike.  No one told me that every muscle in my body would fight back.  Damn those muscles.  I will try to walk everyday, except on the days that my Addison’s attacks, and won’t let me out of bed.  Whoa is me…off to the couch for a while.


Lovely Walkers


Images from: WeHeartIt


5 responses

  1. Do you wan’t to walk today??? I’ll go with you.. I have to see 4 patients this morning, but by the time you wake up, I’ll be done.. It’s colder today, it’s even snowing..

  2. Just do it for fun… Maybe take Tootsie to the park or the woods,, maybe then, being in beautiful surroundings you’ll think it’s fun, and not just think of it as a chore.

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