I Just Want To Be OK Today

I don’t hope anymore that I will wake up in the morning and be cured…I don’t throw coins in a fountain and ask to young and beautiful again…I don’t watch for shooting stars to wish upon…When I open my eyes in the morning I think…

“I just want to be OK today”

After nine years of chronic illness, I cherish any day that is just “OK”  After nine years of chronic illness I just want to feel something, anything besides fatigue, pain, nausea, weakness.  So, I just want to be OK today.  I will take today, and think about tomorrow when I open my eyes in the morning.,and I will think…I just want to be OK today.

If you read my blog with any regularity you have noticed that I find meaning in music, especially the lyrics.  Sometimes I will stop dead in my tracks and listen to the words of a song on my IPOD and wonder how on earth did all my thoughts end up in that song?   So, if you are not bored with my references to music, please watch this great video, and listen to the words. This Ingrid Michaelson chick sneaks into my head at night and steals ideas for her music…….I know she does…..really.

When I saw this video the first time all those faces popping up on the screen represented all of us.  Me and You…All  the wonderful friends I have “met” through this wierd place called the Internet.  Let me know what you think.


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  2. You had a productive day… You took your mom for her dobutamine, or lasix drip or what ever she is currently getting,,, and you probably watched dancing with the stars last night.. and now you’re blogging… That’s a lot for the day..

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