Solitary Sunday

Today I slept until just before 11:00, got up drank some coffee, went back to bed at one-ish, and slept until 4:30.  How can a person sleep so much and still be exhausted??

Joe took the dog hiking this morning in the forest preserves.  She is filthy from running through the puddles and mud.  I have to bathe her but it is difficult to do because her fur is so think and dense.  And, she hates the blow dryer.  I think I will make a rule that if you get the dog dirty….you bathe her.

Joe is working this evening and Bill is out on a blind date so I am alone in the house.  Hopefully there is a good movie on cable tonight.

Hope everyone is having a quiet peaceful Sunday.  Mondays always suck.


9 responses

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  2. What a cute dog! I can imagine she’s hard to wash.

    I’m with you…how can I sleep so much and STILL be tired? it goes it little spurts…I’ll have a week when I sleep like a normal person (well sort of normal) then go for a week where all I seem to do is sleep. I don’t understand my body sometimes.

  3. That dog is so cute! What type is she? I hate those days were you just sleep and sleep and don’t feel rested- drives me crazy. How can 12 hours sleep not be enough ??! I hate my body sometimes, but then I remember it’s CFS. It likes to mess with you. 😀

  4. I often wonder how I can sleep so much and be so exhausted too…it doesn’t seem physically possible…but alas.

    Hope things are as peachy as they can be on your end!!


  5. Aww, Mo, you made me giggle! Sounds exactly like something I have done. The other day I called my daughter and then swore to her that I hadn’t talked to her…Lord, have mercy!!!

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