A young Fire Fighter my son Bill knew, and had worked with for a few years was killed in a house fire this week. This young man had recently been hired on another fire department in the area, but they stayed in touch. Fire Fighters are a tight group.

This young man ran into a burning house at risk of personal harm, searched the home, located the elderly man who lived there and carried him to safety. This young man then went back into the burning house to help his partner fight the fire. No one knew that there were oxygen tanks stored in the house. When they exploded this young man shielded his partner by covering her with his body. He saved her life, she was able to get out of the house and is in critical condition. Firefighter Brian Carey was unable to escape and he lost his life that night. The elderly homeowner that Firefighter Carey carried out of the burning home also died.

I am proud that my son Bill is a firefighter but I can’t obsess about his safety every time he goes to work. It would drive me crazy.

Bill had to go out today and buy a dress uniform so he can stand as an Honor Guard for Brian.

Next time you see a fire truck, or an ambulance or a police squad drive past you say a little prayer for their safety.



5 responses

  1. I’m forever in awe of firemen/women. We had a mini-fire last year and they arrived so quickly and were so, so kind to me and my mum.

    I have HUGE respected to them, same as I do for ambulance, police, and anyone in the armed forces. They are heroes. You must be so proud. Such a sad sory about the passing of such a young life, but how amazing was he that he saved someone’s life.

  2. I have always loved and respected all first responders. I pray for firrefighters every time I hear a siren. My grandson Bill makes me proud eacn time I know he is helping someone in trouble. God bless all first responders. We need them!

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