Today I took my Mom to the hospital for her weekly infusion of  heart medication.  I set my alarm and woke up easily, which was a surprise.  We got to the hospital by 10:00, I put her in the wheelchair and wheeled her to the Ambulatory Unit.

Now I’m so tired I am like a walking zombie.  Picture this…Mom, 87 year old woman…me, 57 year old woman. I walk to the coffee shop to get the BIGGEST coffee available, by the time I get back I am a dead zombie.  I drank my coffee and got in the bed and slept for two hours.  In the meantime she sits in the chair (her choice every week, she could have had the bed) talking to the nurse and watching TV.  After four hours of her treatment I take her home…I am now TOTALLY freaking big-time dead walking zombie.  As soon as I got home I hit the couch….then she calls me and wants to know if I was coming over to watch Dancing With The Stars!!! 

I couldn’t move off the couch.

Let me repeat myself…She is 87…I am 57!!!

I want to know what her secret is!

I am going to bed.  I don’t get it.


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  1. I’m feeling like a zombie today- having a relapse after a few busy days. I also describe it as being a zombie, suppose it’s easier for others to understand. I’m shuffling around the house today, but I’m not saying ‘BRAAAIIIINNNNS!’ just yet!!

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