My fellow Chronic Babe Selena (http://www.ohmyachesandpains.info)  

What are your goals and how do you plan to reach them?

      Before I got sick I had goals…boy did I have goals.  I accomplished some of them and just wanted to do more.  When I was working I completely reorganized a poorly run office and learned more than I ever thought I could.  (goal met)  I worked in a law enforcement setting and starting working full time after 9 years of part time. (goal met!)  A good friend and co-worker taught me all about the court system, and I handled all the paperwork for the Officers.   I imagined myself working in the new police building the city was planning. I helped plan the office I would be running.  But my goals were quickly dashed when I got sick.  It happened very very quickly.   

I loved my job…I liked everybody I worked with…I loved the paychecks.

Major goals smashed into a million pieces.

Now my main goal is just to make it through the day without any major flare up of  my Addison’s or Crohn’s   Taking a shower, getting dressed, and fixing my hair is always high on my list.  (gotta have a good hair day no matter how shitty I feel)  Making something palatable for dinner (which is difficult because I am a horrible cook) and maybe a load of laundry or two is what I consider a GREAT day!  Goal met. 

Another goal is to learn to pace myself and use any energy I have wisely.   If  I wake up and don’t feel good, I will rest during the day so I have a few productive hours in the evening.  Most days I have six or seven hours to do anything.  Some days I can do nothing but go from my bed to the couch.

A fabulous weekend night is staying awake and watching a movie with the Hubby, eating a frozen pizza with a glass of wine. 

I have missed so much, social functions, weekend trips, dinners out, garage sales with my Sister. But worst of all is not being able to see Family.  I fear that some of the little ones will forget who I am.

With all that said, I guess my goal for the rest of 2010 is to learn to pace myself and listen to my body.  If this body of mine gives me a few hours of energy I will take full advantage of that time…even if it just walking the dog around the block!

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