Barbie Day

I was very bored today and while thinking about Christmas gift, I started to look at pictures of Barbie online.  I never had a Barbie.  I wasn’t a “girly” girl, I didn’t like dolls, I mostly just played outside and rode my bike with the Guys. 


 That Barbie….she is one lucky Doll.



Check it out.

And the Bitch is skinny. 


But just you wait Barbie Dear….someday you will be just like us! 



2 responses

  1. I try to avoid letting Claire play with Barbie, my goal is to sew her some decent clothes that don’t look like she’s a hooker. Her cousin likes Barbies so it’s disturbing when she wants one too….ugh….I let her play with mine, but man, I really don’t like them when I think about what the represent. *gag*

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