**********Weather Alert***************


I was in the family room folding towels and watching television.  I heard something in the distance…thunder?  The weatherman hadn’t mentioned any storms coming through.  I heard it again, a long rumbling sound that I knew meant trouble. I jumped up, the room started spinning around me…what now a tornado? I started to run to the only place in the house that I knew was safe.  When I reached the stairs I was struck by a sharp pain in my abdomen that nearly knocked me down…was I just struck by lightning?  I kept on running up the stairs until I was in “the safe room”.

My bathroom.

The rumbling, grumbling thunder I heard was of course my stomach getting ready to take me  to hell and back.

The room was spinning because of my fear of not getting to the “safe place” soon enough.

The bolt of  lightning that hit me with such force was pain and cramping from a fast approaching Crohn’s attack.

No rhythm, no reason.  Didn’t eat anything wierd, no stress to speak of.  Just a surprise visit from an old acquaintance.  

I wish next time he would call before he just drops in.

  I think he’s rude and inconsiderate.  If it were up to me I would delete him from my Facebook and cell phone contacts.  I would SPAM his emails.

I don’t think it would work…he’s a smart little shit. 

Looks like I won’t be going out today.

I hate you Mr. Crohn’s.



4 responses

  1. Awww…you poor girl OUCH! That sounds horrible Maureen 😦 I get some very nasty bouts of IBS, and that’s not much fun either.

    I hope that Mr. Crohn’s takes a hike and stops picking on you for awhile.

    Sweet Dreams!


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