How much can one body take?

My Sister has Mono….she tested positive for Epstein Barr. 

Kissing disease??  Young people’s disease?

I don’t think so…she’s 65


 She had mono in her 20’s. She has Hasimoto’s, Raynaud’s, and CFS.  The doctor explained that the Eptein-Barr virus can just lay dormant in your body and can resurface because of a compromised immune system.

 So now what?  She is weak and fatigued and can’t do much which is understandable. 

Pretty isn’t is? 

She has been taking care of our Mom, and now she can’t.  So, I’m trying to take care of both of them.  I am conserving whatever energy I have carefully and spreading it out between the two of them.  Mom can really take care of yourself to a certain extent, all I have really have been doing is cooking for her and doing the dishes.  I went grocery shopping for Mom on Sunday and today for Sis.  I hope I don’t crash….stress is my biggest enemy.

So, now what?

She is the one who takes care of everybody.



5 responses

  1. Oh boy Maureen, you certainly have your hands full :S I know it’s easier said than done, but try to schedule 10 to 15 minutes throughout the day to close your eyes and breathe. Anything you can do to keep the stress in check will help 😉

    Is there anyone else you can recruit to help you divide some tasks? Especially the shopping and cooking I think would be two of the biggest tasks that would do me in.

    Sending lots of ((((gentle hugs))) your way!


  2. I have EBV as well. It has been reactivated 6 times causing Mono. It is a tough thing. They told me you only get it once. They don’t always know. Take it easy. Try hard not to overdo it. Don’t be like me. Ask people for help if you need it. I never do. I obviously don’t practice what I preach. I’m gonna try harder. Promise you will too… Blessings, Dana

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