The “F” Word

Well, today I woke up with an “F” word flair up. 

“F” = Fibromyalgia

 I seldom have a Fibro flair, but when I do….oh boy. 

I think if I don’t say the “F” word than it won’t be real…

The medication (steroids)  I take to manage my Addison’s is similar to prednisone (cortef), and I believe that it helps with any inflammation on a day-to-day basis.  I’ve taken some NSAIDS and it has barely touched it, so I am considering taking a tiny bit of Cortef  to see if it helps. 

How you Babes handle this pain on a day-to-day basis is beyond me.  I don’t know how you function.  I empathize with all of you.

I think I will go to my Mom’s and soak in her big bathtub.  Maybe that will help with this pain. 


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6 responses

  1. Forgive me if this is redundant, but are you on a lower dose of steroid than normal when the fibro symptoms flared? Have you been tested properly for hypothyroid?

    Ther eason I ask is a drop/taper of steroids can cause horrible muscle ache, as can untreated low thyroid. I’m Addison’s too-secondary type (damaged pituitary)

    • Hi Grace. I was diagnosed in 2001 (I’m secondary also, doesn’t seems to be many of us around!). I take 22.5 mg Cortef in 2 split doses, and have been on this dosage for about 3 or 4 years. Hypothyroid too and hypopituitary. I have had no major changes in any meds at all. I get these fibro symptoms occasionally, but they are so sporatic and tough to figure out. I checked out the addisons website you belong to and will be back there to read more.
      Thanks for reading Grace, and for your concern.

    • Thanks Renee, I feel better today thanks…I am in the “hangover stage” as I call it. I feel like I was out all night dancing and drinking too much champagne….just kind of crawling through the day. Thanks for caring!

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