A Love Story

She walked into the room and saw him standing with her friends.
So, who was this Guy she wants to know?  He was beautiful.  Ice blue eyes and dimples…Yes dimples. He was 6 feet tall to her 5 foot one.  He was shy and quiet.  She was quite the opposite.
Despite his shyness he called her and they started seeing each other.  He liked the outdoors.  She liked air-conditioning.  He liked to camp, she liked the Marriot.  He like to fish, she got seasick on the little boat.  He like to hike, she just got sunburned.  He like to cross-county ski and snow shoe.  She hated the cold. 
But they got along perfectly and then she found out he was 24 years old.  So what you say?  Well……she was 31. 
They could have cared less.
They fell in love and got married by a Judge in court. 
Friends and relatives whispered  that the age difference was a big problem…they haven’t known each other long enough….it won’t last…I give it six months.
Next Month they will be married 25 years. 
 Their oldest son has Mom’s green/grey eyes and Dad’s cleft chin.   Their youngest son has Dad’s ice blue eyes and dimples. 
He is 50 and she is 57…..
and they are still happy as two pigs in shit.
So, age means nothing.  Having different interests is really OK.  And a Husband can love his Wife so much that when she gets sick he will stay with her, take care of her, and look at her like she is still 31.  That guy is something else.
 And there is nothing better than looking into those ice blue eyes and having him smile….and I can see those dimples….
YES dimples!
He is the Love of my Life.
That Joe-Man of Mine
We still got that “mo-Joe” working!

9 responses

  1. Congrats on 25 yrs , Mo!! My hubby, Also a Joe, & I are due to celebrate 26yrs next month. I thought my parents were old when they celebrated their 25th! What does that make me!! You have a way about you that makes me smile when I read your posts. I’m having a tough nite, so thanks for the happy diversion!! I hope you & Joe celebrate at least 25 more anniv!!

  2. Hi Maureen,
    What a pretty short story! I love it! You know, with a broken heart, it is hard to read about love. But then, since I had the misfortune to fall for a blue eyed, tall, lovely looking…
    narcissist, well, reading about real love only helps me to remember that obviously that is not what I shared.
    PS I too had a wonderful love when I was 37 and he was…
    24. But he told me he was 25, lol, after it was too late anyway. I quit seeing him b/c I did not want to be that much older. Now I wonder if he would have stayed with me if I had become sick, as I did, or if I would not have become sick, b/c I would have had love. Oh, living.
    At least I have a love story to tell and hopefully, while I’m still on this earth, I will have another and I hope the next one is like yours.

    • Thanks for the lovely compliments. I love reading your blog too. Yes, to find the love that makes you happy everyday is a blessing. I thank God for him. You will find someone when you least expect it, that seems to be the way it happens.
      Hugs, Mo

  3. It’s early Saturday morning & I’m out cruisin’ the web. GEEZ, remember when it was cruisin’ the main at night? Times sure have changed. I haven’t stopped by to check out your words of wisdom & fun in quite sometime. You really have a way with your words, written or live. But then, I already knew that! Congrats on your silver anniversary, dearie. We had our 27th in January. Where in the hell does all the time go? Sometimes seems like yesterday when we were having a B&J lemon cooler. Sure miss those times, but I smile when I recall our time as sister neighbors, yelling or waving down the street to each other. Wouldn’t trade it for anything! Here’s to many more years of wedded bliss with the man you love. xoxo, Michelle

    • Michelle, I miss those times together too. Our Hubby’s sure got along great too, If you were still living here I know you would be the first one I would call if I needed someone. And I know you would be at my house before I hung the phone up. Miss ya Girlie!

  4. Awww, Mo, you brought tears to me old Irish eyes. And ~ my man of 53 years has ~ yep, dimples! First thing I noticed, with his dark hair and green eyes…btw,I live about 150 miles south of you. Judy ^j^ Loved this blog!!!

    • Yep…those dimples will get you everytime won’t they? 150 miles? That’s nothing! I’m about 15 miles south of downtown Chicago…where are you?

      Thanks for the comment Judy!

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