WHY? Can you give me an answer?

When I was pregnant with my first baby, one of my girlfriends laughed and said I’d better sleep now because I would be tired until this baby went away to college.  She was right.

My second baby didn’t sleep through the night until he was 18 months old.  This same kid walked a few days before he was 9 months old.  I never slept.

That type of “tired” sounds like a walk on the beach to me now. 

 I never realized how widespread fatigue is among women, really.  One day I came across the website  chronic babe  and it introduced me to a world of women who share many of the same health problems.  Most prevalent was fatigue and pain.  Unresolved fatigue and pain.  Doctors shake their heads at fatigue and pain.  Life altering, debilitating, want to jump out of a window fatigue and pain.  WHY? 

I am certainly not new to the world of chronic illness.  I have had serious health issues since my early 30’s…over 25 years of shitty days and crappy nights.  But “talking” to other chronically ill women and reading their stories really leaves me gasping for air.


It seems that the majority of fatigued people are women…why? 

 I must mention one of my favorite bloggers Tired Guy who openly talks about his struggles with CFS. Read his story at:

feeling better yet?

Are women more affected by this….or do men just not talk about it? 

I am tired, I am rambling.  This is not a new topic of conversation.  But, it just really hit me recently.  My sister was diagnosed with Mono several weeks ago, she also has Hasimoto’s.  She is tired like I am.  Like so many of us are.  I am afraid I will be tired for the rest of my life…I worry that my sister will be tired forever….I fret that all my new friends will be too.





One response

  1. I wonder these things all the time too Maureen…

    How can there be so many people in so much pain, while the world keeps moving on?? It’s overwhelming to think about.

    Hope all is well!!

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