Can an Ambulance Ride be Funny?

When I was first got sick I had quite a few ER visits, and most of the time I went by ambulance.  I had worked for the local police department for a long time (23 years), and because of that I knew most of the fire firefighters and paramedics.

My new endocrinologist was on staff at a hospital that was not on the “preferred and closest”  list.  Ambulances will generally take you to the nearest hospital, but I wanted to go to one that was approximately a 15 minute drive, as opposed to the ER that was a  5 minute trip.    

It is embarrassing to know the guys that are putting EKG leads on your chest,  or trying to get an IV into your uncooperative veins.  But, I must admit that familiar faces can have a calming effect when you are in a stressful situation…like in an ambulance speeding to the ER.

On this particular day, I knew the paramedic that was driving.  I had watched this guy grow up, he was a neighborhood kid.  Anyway, there I am strapped into the gurney, IV hanging out of my vein, oxygen mask on, blood pressure thingy squeezing my arm, I’m getting car sick, and I’m a nervous wreck.  I hear someone yell my name…”Hey Mo”.  I’m so out of it that I don’t know who is calling me….God, is that you?    Then again I hear…”Hey Mo!”  This time I recognized the voice…it was the guy driving the ambulance.  I weakly answered “What Sean?”  

 “Hey Mo, is the hospital north or south of 55th?”

If I hadn’t been enveloped in a haze of brain fog, I maybe could have answered him.  I don’t know how he found the place, but I arrived in one piece. 

I have never let him live it down.


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  3. OMG! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry for that story, Mo! I’ve been in an ambulance before. It’s a nervous experience anyway! I would definitely give him hell for that!


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