Today was A Good Day

How often do I say that??  Here are 10 reasons why today was great.

  1. My sister and I went out to lunch today…drive thru McDonalds! 
  2. Both of us lasted all day without a nap!
  3. I found out today that my son Danny is coming home from college for summer break on Saturday! 
  4. Felt good enough to spend the evening at my Mom’s with SIS and watch Dancing with The Stars!
  5. My son Bill took me out for ice cream!
  6. My Hubby”The Joe-Man” snuck in the house when he got home from work at 10:00 this evening and put on a Van Morrison CD and then came upstairs and danced with me to “Crazy Love”.
  7. It’s our 25th wedding anniversary and we drank a glass of wine  and  played “remember when?”!
  8. Joe read the anniversary card I gave him and he cried.
  9. My lilac bush is in bloom and I can smell the fragrance in my bedroom!
  10. I got so many comments on my blog today I was thrilled!


I hope tomorrow is just as good!  I hope tomorrow is a wonderful day for all my friends too!



11 responses

  1. Happy Belated Anniversary 🙂 I’m a little behind in reading all my favorite blogs!!! Just wanted to let you know that your post warmed my heart!

    (((gentle hugs)))


  2. Hi Mo!! Just found your blog by accident. LOVE IT!!! You brought a smile to my face after I’ve had a tough nite!!! THank you!! Thanks you!!! Thank you!! Keep up ths good work!!

  3. Darlin, chills just ran down my spine I’m so happy for you! What a romantic hubby you have in Joe-man. Cheers to the next 25! Luv ya, M

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