Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

This is a repost of a post I wrote on my Mom’s Birthday.  Just wanted to post it again for her.
Ma – Gram – Lois
My Mom is 87 and it is a miracle.
She has serious heart disease, a gigantic hole in her heart, breathing issues, and an enlarged liver and spleen.  Two years ago this month she was in the hospital and was ill.  The doctors told us to take her home there was nothing else they could do for her.  Get her affairs in order they said.  Well, she’s still here!  She said when the Good Lord knocks on the door she’ll go, not when the doctors tell her. 
She lived through the depression.  Her parents owned a small grocery store and they lost it, she tells us her Pa gave everything away, no one had money.  They did manage to send her to a private Catholic grammar school and high school, and she is one of the smartest women I know.  Everyone calls her when they can’t spell something, or has problems with math, and she will correct your grammar before the words are even out of you mouth. 
She got married at 21 and had five children.  My Dad was an alcoholic.  She lost her youngest child at age 7 in 1967.  She was a terrible housekeeper, but she could make a meal with a few potatoes and a little bit of meat.  We never went hungry.  She found room for 5 kids, 2 parents and a Gramma in a teeny tiny house with three bedrooms and one bathroom. She would not tolerate vulgarity or a sassy mouth.
Several years ago we got her a computer.  She is on it everyday.
She emails. googles, sends out those silly chain letters, plays games and she has a Facebook Page!!  Yep, she sure does.
She has a constant stream of visitors, and a ga-jillion phone calls daily.
Sunday we will have spaghetti and Lemon Fluff cake…her favorite. We will play Scrabble and Uno.  We will have to watch the Cubs game if one is on, and if not we will watch reruns of House Hunters.
Both my Sister and I will probably need to take naps, she will be in the living room in front of the TV with  my Hubby, and Bill and Dan.
She will be cursing at the baseball game.
I hope when I am 87 I can still watch baseball and swear at them!

3 responses

    • Yes she did! I forgot about that! I added it to the post, thanks for reminding. She went into labor and that baby was coming out no matter what. She gave birth on the living room floor with my Gram sitting on the back porch. They were mad at each other so she didn’t call her. Karen got to carry the baby all wrapped up in the back seat to the hospital. I was 6 1/2 and I clearly remember it. June 12 1959. She lived until she was almost 7. What a life my Mom has had.

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