I grew up in a typical midwestern Irish Catholic home.  Dinner was always “meat and potatoes”.  A lot of potatoes and a lot of cheap inexpensive cuts of meat.  We ate whatever was put in front of us…we were not fussy or picky.

I don’t know when it happened but the sight of certain foods make me gag now.  I think it’s weird.

Meat is a particular trigger for me…it grosses me out.  Beef, chicken, pork, turkey………..bbbbllllaaaarrrrrgggggg……

 Now I find it difficult to touch raw meat when I am cooking.  Ground beef and chicken are the worst. 

A few years ago I discovered that Butterball makes a wonderful pre-cooked bird for the holidays, no raw meat to touch, no yucky juices to clean up.  Oh, I also have a bacteria phobia…raw meat juices 



  This has nothing to do with animal rights or cruelty to the cute chickens.

  Just all of sudden one day I couldn’t touch it or eat it anymore. So, pretty much all I eat is bagels, fruit, cereal, yogurt, pasta, veggies, Pop Tarts and Diet Pepsi.  Well rounded diet?  I don’t think so.  Well-rounded Maureen?  Oh Yes. 

Just wanted to share this ridiculous eating phobia I have developed.  I think we all need to admit our crazy parts every once in a while.




10 responses

  1. I cannot handle touching raw chicken either….blllllaaahhhhh! I’m fine with eating meat as long as it’s mega lean, and I’m fine with eating chicken, as long as it’s white meat…boneless and skinless. I just get totally grossed out, and loose my appetite if I have to touch it raw. Fortunately hubby does the cooking 🙂

  2. You could smell that liver for days after she cooked it. She never made us eat it though. Karen has ordered it when we have gone out to eat and I have threatened her that I would go sit at another table. Remember the time we all went out to eat and you ordered mussells?
    YUCK!!! (did you really put piccalilli on it????)

      • Terry,,
        I remember having frogs legs when I went to see you 30+ yrs ago..

        Do you like grilled calamari? I love it, but only if it is grilled.

        • You don’t mean that I had frog legs do you?  If it was me I must have been drunk!  I have tried calamari and I don’t like it….too chewy.  And if I see those little suction cups I get the heebie jeebies!   Took my Mom to the gastro doc yesterday and it was horrible.  She is fine she has hemorrhoid bleeding up kinda high but she is fine.  She started being bossy as soon as we pulled out of her parking lot.  She was doing the shit she does to Karen and once or twice I almost told her to stop talking.  By the time I got home my non-Adrenalin/cortisol body was shaking.  Today I never got out of bed I was so yucky.  Just took a shower and just put on clean jammies.  I can’t believe I let her get to me like that………..AAAARRRRGGGHHH!   How are you today????????

  3. You haven’t like touching chicken as long as I’ve known you. So somewhere before 1976 something happened. But I never knew you barely ate it either… How do you get your protein? And, from what I remember you have a very limited diet with your fruits and vegatables as well.. It’s not like you’ll eat any fruit or veggie….

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