Crashed yesterday

I spent all day in bed  yesterday, and it was a lovely day outside which really pissed me off!  I had planned to plant some hostas and some other perennials that I stole got from my Sister’s house, but that didn’t happen.

Day before yesterday I took my Mother to see her doctor because she started having a big problem with one of her main health issues.  (stress) Every time Mom has to go to the doctor both my Sister Karen (Mono Girl) and I go.  The stress is then cut in half.  I was alone this time.(stress)  

The appointment went fine, the doctor didn’t put her in the hospital, which usually happens with these problems. (stress)

Driving Miss Daisy to the doctor is a test of patience at best. (sorry Mom).  She is nervous that we will be late, or that we will get lost. (stress) We didn’t get lost, we weren’t late, but the doctor was (stress).

Getting the wheelchair (it’s a small one) out of the trunk and pushing her from the parking lot to the doctor’s office is a chore. (stress)  The wheelchair ramps outside of some of these office buildings are ridiculous.  You have to really  p u s h  to get the wheelchair moving.  And I don’t even want to discuss the lack of automatic doors for easy handicapped access. (stress)

By the time we were on our way home I thought I was going to collapse. 


Because of all the physical and mental stress I slept almost 13 hours that night.  When I woke up yesterday I knew I was in for a bad one.  Because of my adrenal disease my body doesn’t produce stress hormones, ya know the little surge of “oomph” you feel when you have to deal with stress…

Mo & No Stress Hormone = C R A S H!!!

I slept on and off all day.  I was achy.  I was nauseous. I had a low-grade fever. I was so foggy brained I even thought it was funny while trying to explain my day to my Hubby.  Words right there…brain and mouth won’t connect.  I really considered giving myself a shot of solu-medrol (steroids to replace my non-existent hormones).  But I held off, took extra oral meds, and some nausea meds and stared at the ceiling.

Today I feel better.  It’s an “Addison’s hangover” as I like to call it.

Now I am going to watch the Chicago Cubs lose another game and drink a lot of coffee.  In my jammies, in my bed. 

Sorry Mom….next time I will take extra Cortisol before we go!  I really did have a nice time seeing Dr. So-handsome-you-could-faint, and bumming around with you. 

 I’ll call you later when The Cubs lose.

Love to All



6 responses

  1. Hi Mo, hard to believe a building that houses a doctor’s office doesn’t have handicapped doors. Sheesh.

    I can relate to the theme of this post that stress=a flare in symptoms. Take care,

  2. I can totally relate with your comment: Words right there…brain and mouth won’t connect.

    I have been struggling with that a lot lately. Today I added running into walls and an inability to steer straight. I tell my body to go straight, it goes left!

    I hope you feel better soon, Mo!

    Bless you for helping your mom out!

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