The Friday List

This is my list for today:


  • Get the plants in the ground that I stole got from my Sister’s house.
  • Make dinner, pork roast and roasted potatoes.
  • Finish all the laundry.  College student home from school.  I don’t think he did laundry all last semester…it’s all on the basement floor.
  • Clean the litter box.
  • Clean the kitchen and wash the floor.
  • Get dinner over to Mom, and Sis (Mono Girl)
  • Go through piles of mail that is sitting on the dining room table.
  • Find my cell phone charger.

Big plans huh?  Let’s see how much I can get done before I collapse.


6 responses

    • Dominique, By late evening I was definately ready for bed.

      *I cooked for everybody and fed my Mom
      * I found my phone charger (It was where it supposed be of course)
      * I cleaned the litter box, Bootsie was very happy
      * I watered the plants, but didn’t get them in the ground
      * I did s o m e laundry. Why does it seem to multipy on it’s own?

      But, I must say that was a lot for me. I wish I could wake up with the energy to clean my whole house like you did!

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