My Week So Far

Monday:  I took my Mom to the hospital for her IV infusion of heart meds. (Dobutimine and Lasix)  It was HOT…in the 90’s so I was freaked having Mom out in that heat. She did OK though.  I slept for about 2 hours while we were there, and drank lots of coffee the rest of the time.  Then I laid on the couch at home all evening watching TV.

Tuesday:  Mom had to go back to the hospital in the morning for a blood transfusion.  Again…in the 90’s outside.   They test her blood when she is there on Monday, and her numbers were low.  hemoglobin & potassium ↓ .  I woke up Tuesday morning and could barely move!  Luckily my older son was home so he took Mom to the hospital and left her with the nurses.  They watch the patients very diligently, especially the heart ones.  I slept until noon and had to force myself to get up so I could go get her.  One unit of blood = four hours!  I was useless yesterday afterwards.

Today:  Again, it is so fucking hot outside it feels like the tropics.  It isn’t usually this hot in Chicago this early.  I’m sweating like a pig.  I don’t plan on doing anything until the sun goes down.


UPDATE:  My Mom just called…long story so I will try to keep it short.  In 1971 she was one in a small group of women who collected money to have a Veteran’s Memorial Monument erected in our hometown.  We found out two weeks ago that the Village is moving it from it’s very prominent location to a small impromptu spot near the Little leagues baseball fields. The whole Village, especially the Senior citizens are in an uproar!  Because of all the controversy, and because she was so instrumental in having the memorial completed, the newspaper (or somebody important) wants to take her picture in front of it.  Did I mention it is fucking hot outside?  SHE WANTS TO GO!

So, my son and my Big Brother (Who is here from Memphis for a visit) are going to get her up there.  They will take the wheelchair, and my son will likely carry her the 500 feet or so… up the hill and sit her down.  She can’t walk 50 feet without getting out of breath.  I will post the picture when I get it.  I am very worried about this.


Meanwhile my sister Karen (mono Girl) is not getting any better, she’s been sick since March.  I bring her McDonald’s…she is craving it…and try to visit every day or so.  When she first had Mono in her 20’s, she also contracted Hepatitis.  The doctor who treated her is long dead, so it is unlikely that we could get her medical records from back then.  She was told way back then, that she was exposed to it in the doctor’s office from another patient in the waiting room…..?????  I am now trying to find out if this has anything to do with her current illness. 

I hate being in charge.  I hate being a grown up.  I am going to take a nap now.




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  1. I also hate being in charge and an adult…I think it has something to do with the fact that I always feel like I should be in bed eating ice cream! Hope all is as well as possible 🙂 xo

  2. Hi Mo, wow, what a week you’ve had. Bless you for looking after your family. Heck if you want cooler weather, the part of Canada I live in had snow last night and today and its about 35 degrees F. right now.

    • Kathy, I love snow. I think I like winter because I am so intolerant of the heat, the cold doesn’t bother me. I could never live somewhere that was always hot. Thank Goodness for A/C.

      • I don’t like the heat either Mo and we have A/C in our house — sometime we will have summer! I don’t like extreme cold either, sensitive to temps b/c of the fibro, and snow in May is just wrong no matter what!

  3. Wow! And I thought I was having a really bad week!

    Girl, I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

    It has actually been at the ‘feels like 100 degrees’ here in Tulsa. And it’s not just hot, it’s humid – which I just can’t stand. Makes my quite snarky.

    Are the doctors absolutely sure your sister has mono? That is how I started out – had ‘it’ for a year. Then they determined it was mono at all.

    Hang in there. You are a great daughter/sister to take such great care of your family members. You are a rare gem in this epoch!

    • Dominique, No, I am not sure she only has Epstein Barr/CFS. I’m afraid that they just stopped looking or caring after they saw the EBV. Her doctor told her that “Hepititis is unlikely with normal liver enzymes”. There is something more going on I am sure.

      Thanks for caring…you’re a Doll!


      p.s. Mono girl also has Hashimoto, Raynauds, hypoglycemia, and Alopecia. Any ideas?

  4. Karen loves those new fish Taco’s from Long John Silver…. Also, why is it she has never had a Whopper? I think she’ll love it with no onions..

    Even I got too hot this past week, and most of the time it doesn’t get to me, I’m out in it all the time, so I can’t really let it get to me…. I have a patient that I see every day for lymphedema wraps and wound care. I’m usually there 1-2 hours. He lives on the second floor of a two flat.. and,,, no air conditioning. The entire time I’m in there sweat is dripping off of me.. When I leave I’m soaked to my underpants, even my hair is wet…

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