When we think about passion, we imagine young, beautiful people in lovely vacation spots or lying in front of a roaring fireplace drinking champagne.  But that is not real life.  Some of us have been lucky enough to experience passion in one of those fantasy settings. 
But real passion happens every day and sometimes it slips by without anyone noticing it.
My two favorite movies involving unforgettable love stories and real passion are…
  • An Affair to Remember (Cary Grant and Debra Kerr)
  •   The Notebook – a recent popular movie
  Set in different times, different decades actually, these two movies show the deep love and passion the main characters share.  The stories are quite similar
♥ Boy Meets Girl ♥
♥ They Kiss and fall in love ♥
• They are tragically separated •
♥♥ Boy and Girl reunite and live happily ever after, right? ♥♥
• Until tragedy strikes Girl •
Does  Boy leave Girl because she isn’t perfect anymore?  Some Boys do, a lot of Boys do.  These two Boys don’t.  Noah and Nickie stay with the loves of their life.    
Passion isn’t only about physical love.  Passion is dedication, patience, loving arms that give gentle hugs, soft kisses on your forehead, understanding and love no matter the circumstances.
I am lucky because I found my forever love, my passion.  For almost ten years, he has gently cared for me.  He has stayed with me when I have been hospitalized, he has spent endless hours in the ER with me.  He works three jobs.  He smiles and those dimples melt me every time. When he looks at me with those blue eyes I feel beautiful, young, and healthy.  He looks at me with passion with those eyes, no matter what I look like, no matter how I feel.
My Joe-Man. Now…that’s passion! 
p.s.   I really need to find a picture that shows his dimples and blue eyes!

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  1. Hi Mo 🙂

    You’ve inspired me to watch The Notebook in the next couple of days 🙂 I’ve recently taken a liking to watching a movie in the evening, since all the shows are over until fall 😉

    Thanks for the idea! Hope you are having a good day!

    (((gentle hugs)))

  2. Hi Mo,
    I gave you a little gift on my blog today. You’ll see it in my post, “Warrior Women with Blogs Award,” and you don’t have to do anything to accept it.
    It’s just a way to say thank you and it is so fitting to this post because your blog always offers a look at what is good, here, being true love, as you have eloquently described, even as you live with chronic illnesses. I find it admirable and inspiring.

  3. That was beautiful. I must say, Mo, I always enjoy your blogs, but this one really hit home. I love both of those movies, but An Affair to Remember is my all time, fave. If you ask me my fave movie, that’s it. I always give that answer. I have never found a move to match that one yet! I have a Jim with gorgeous blue eyes, and he has been taking care of me gently for 16 years. We just celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary this month! He’s the best–in my life anyway!

    Blessings, Dana

  4. Oh, Mo ~ you brought tears to these tired old eyes ~ because you see, I too, have a Joe ~ with dimples and green eyes. We celebrated our 53rd anniversary last week. And, like Joe, he is the most compassionate, kind, and caring husband on this earth. No matter how bad I feel or how bad I look, he is always there for me. With everything I have been through, I could not have made it without his love holding us together. Mo, we have been blessed.

  5. The real world good guys are better because of the flaws. Perfection in a mate would be way too much pressure for perfection from me. I’m so glad you found your’s 🙂

    • Oh believe me…he’s not perfect! He eats ice cream out of the carton, and sometimes finishes it in one evening. The garage is a total mess, and it drives me crazy. His office looks like a bomb went off in it…I just close the door. Perfection would be boring I agree! But he treats me like a princess.

  6. I LOVE the Notebook. I sob every time I watch it. I’m so glad that you and Uncle Joe share those passionate moments that are so rare to other couples. You are both loved very much.

    • I know….we are so old right??? He is so good to me and very affectionate. Hence the complaint from the boys…EWWW they’re kissing again! Love you Guys. Aunt Mo

  7. Maureen, you made me put my head down and sob. There lies the truth of all truths. It touches me to the core of my being to have a brother like Joe. Hence, the reason for those incredible blue eyes — they burn bright for others and can show us “the way” even when we can’t find it ourselves. He has always been a gift from God. Hope he knows just how much he is loved!

    • s, I think he knows how much he is loved! My Mom and sister love him so much also. And both my brothers care so deeply for him, and respect him for how he has cared for me over the years. Thank you for the gift of your Baby Brother!

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