So, my friend Annie over at  You have to Get Over How Fragile You Are made a list of 25 adjectives that describe her personality.
(Sorry, I don’t know how to do links…someone tell me how please)
  1. grumpy
  2. cautious
  3. clumsy
  4. faithful
  5. gentle
  6. friendly
  7. envious
  8. sleepy (always)
  9. annoyed (a lot)
  10. bored
  11. confused
  12. ill
  13. glittery (I love tee shirts with bling)
  14. pleasant
  15. chubby
  16. petite (see #17)
  17. short
  18. horny passionate (sometimes)
  19. gray-eyed
  20. dark blond
  21. graying
  22. red-dyed
  23. mushy
  24. exhausted
  25. crabby
How ’bout you other Babes?


2 responses

  1. Mo – Since your on wordpress…

    In the editor, above where you type your post, there is a symbol that looks like a broken chain (two links together).

    If you place your mouse over it and hover, it will say, ” insert/edit link”. You have to first highlight the text you want to create a link to. Then while the text is highlighted, click on it chain like inserted/edit link and a box will open.

    On the line that says, link URL, you take the url you want to create a link of and put it on the that line.

    Make sure you go down to the 3rd line, Target , and click on the downward arrow and a drop down menu will appear. Choose “open in new window (blank)”.

    Then hit save and you are good to go!

    When you go back to the text you highlighted, it should be hype-linked. You will know it worked because the highlighted text will now be underlined.

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