Horrible Day

Today was the worst day in a long time.  At 6:45 AM my phone rang.  It was the Fire Department paramedics telling me that they were with my Mother at her condo.  She had fallen during the night and layed there all until 6:30, and was able to yell for help when a neighbor was leaving the building.  She broke her leg.  I drove about 95 MPH to get to her place, just before the ambulance was about to take off. 

So, her leg is busted up…really fucked up…bad.  Every doctor we talked to told us that surgery is the best option, even though it is very risky.  She has congestive heart failure, a congenital heart defect which has made her heart gigantic.  Her heart is crowding her chest cavity so bad that her lung capacity has diminished.  She is on 24 hour oxygen at 3 liters when she is at home. 

After the cardiologist, respiratory doc, and the anesthesiologist talked with us, she decided to go ahead with the surgery.  She had 2 options.  Have the surgery and pray that she survives it.  High risk of heart attack, stroke or just dying during the surgery.  They will have to intubate her, and are fearful that she will need to be kept on a respirator and drugged.  If that happens she has a DNR.    Her second option is to have a cast from her groin to her ankle, go to a facility that can care for her, and then wait for a blood clot or something that will kill her anyway.  She would be confined to bed, dependant on narcotics for pan, with a catheter and I suppose a bed pan.  She would never walk again.  She said NO WAY to that option.

She is sharp as a tack, knows the risks, and was quite pleasant and cheerful all day despite her pain, which was a “10” all day.

Her surgery is a 1:oo tomorrow.  I am asking all my dear ChronicBabes, and Bloggers to send good thoughts and prayers her way.   I might be away from my computer for a few days, but will try to keep you all up to date.

Thanks for being here to listen.



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  1. Mo, how did everything go? I have been sending healing thoughts your way every since I read this post yesterday. Hang in there my bloggy sister from another mother and update us all when you can.

    Just remember to breath….


  2. Mo, please know that your dear mom is in my prayers, that God may grant her peace and healing ~ I pray for you , wisom, guidance, strength and hope, all of which can only be given by the One who has himself been through the trials. Take care of yourself ~ Keep the faith. Prayers and Hugs, Judy

  3. Keep thinking of you and your family today, and especially your Mom. Sending an extra dose of prayers and love before I head off to bed.

    ((((gentle hugs))))

  4. We surely can feel for you & your mom. She is surely in our prayers for a successful surgery. Your mom is one tough cookie, so I’m betting she’s gonna pull through…a real True Grit! She has a lot of folks rooting for her, too. Love & peace to all of you. xo

    • Thanks for thinking of me and replying. I am trying to keep myself as calm as possible, keeping myself hydrated and taking extra meds. I can’t crash now gotta try to avoid that.

  5. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother! I will definately have her in my prayers. This must be an incredibly difficult time for you so I’ll keep you in them too.

  6. Maureen, I’m so sad for what your Mom is going through 😦 My heart goes out to you Mo, and your family! I will keep your Mom in my prayers, and will certainly be thinking of all of you tomorrow! Sending you a ton of love Maureen. I wish we could all physically be there to support you though this very hard time! Please know that I’m with you in thoughts and prayers!

    • Knowing that all my chronic babes and my blog Ladies are supporting me and sending good thoughts is getting me through this. Thanks Nancy. I didn’t reach all my goals this week…….boo!

  7. Reading your blog makes it a little clearer, although I know what you are in for. Keep the big picture in sight. We’re here for WHATEVER you need. Tell Little Lois we are praying for her and have been all along. ILYBOA

  8. I just saw your blog, Maureen. To question right now is out of the question. God will give both you and Lois a powerhouse of strength to get through this and to make the right decisions. Lois is still working for Him and is our pillar of what is right in this crazy world. Please know how very much we love you and feel your pain and anxiety. No words are necessary. Will call you this evening. A prayer wall is being erected right now for all of you in Lois’ honor. Embracing you…..

  9. Maureen,

    George called us last night to tell us the news. June did get to talk to her for a few minutes and so did Tom both telling her we were praying for her. You know if you need anything to give me a call. My days are filled with a whole bunch of nothing so I am free to help out with what ever you guys need. Just let me know. I LOVE YOU!!!! Dont stress too much. (I know people tell me that cuz of my big belly and I laugh and go “ummm Yeah… right!” But just try.) Get some rest. Eat some good food. We are all praying for her.

    Love you to the moon and back!

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