My Mom

Just to keep everybody up to speed on my Mom’s condition. 
After surgery on Tuesday she was put in ICU, and is still there.  There have been the expected but unwanted scares with her heart and breathing,  but then the kidneys were acting up and they weren’t  producing any urine.  The doctors considered trying one dialysis treatment, but first tried a medication that seemed to jump-start the kidneys into working.   
She is being weaned off the high doses of morphine she has been getting, and she was a little more “awake” today.  She recognized my sister-in-law much to the chagrin of my brother and sister who were there at the time.  (what about us?)
Just this afternoon the inserted a feeding tube so she can get some nutrition, and a  pic line was also put in.
This situation had thrown me into full Addison’s “getting close to crisis if you don’t be careful” mode.  Today I am completely non-functional.  In bed, muscles jumping, groggy brained, and weak.  I’m trying to not feel guilty because I can’t go to the hospital, but I just can’t, and she understands this vile disease well.
My sister Karen (Mono Girl) has been there almost the whole time, not taking too many breaks for herself, but no one can tell her what to do.  She is very bossy!  My older brother Terry, and his wonderful wife Diane are also at the hospital all day into the evening.  The hospital nurses are great, all in all she is in good hands. 
Thanks for all the emails and notes, prayers and good thoughts my dear friends.  You are all a comfort to me.
xoxoMaureen (mo)

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  1. Continuing to send prayers and positive thought for your Mom as she recovers in ICU.

    Please take good care of yourself and take it easy while you get your Addison’s under control. Your Mom certainly sounds like she is in good hands, and I’m glad that your family is keeping an eye on you too!

    I hope your body settles down for you soon!

    Sending lots of love and hugs your way dear friend!

  2. I am so sorry about your mom, Mo. I will be praying for both of you. This is so hard to deal with for us addisonians. Be careful.

    Love you my friend,

  3. Thanks for the update. The good wishes are still flowing. Congratulations on not being a small sad heap on the floor already. I hope you can avert a health crash for yourself. Best Good luck. The candle is burning for you and your mum.

  4. I am so sorry Mo! Oh my gosh! PLEASE know that I will be keeping your mom in my prayers. Sending you lots of hugs!

    BTW – Love the new look. I almost chose this one myself!

  5. Maureen,
    Sending best wishes to your Mom for a complete & speedy recovery. Good that you are staying put. You have to take care of yourself too. Keeping you both in my thoughts & prayers.


  6. Sending good thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Appreciate the update. Take care of YOU too and try not to add guilt to the stress you’re going through right now. As you said, your family understands.

  7. Sending you all love and prayers — that is the only combination with the highest returns. When you don’t know where to turn next, please know that someone in Texas has a mighty prayer chain going for you: Lois for a strong recovery and Maureen a healing touch for your own body system going through the onslaught.
    The peace of family and friends…..

  8. Maureen, I am so sorry this has happened and I will certainly keep you and your dear mom in my thoughts and prayers. I have posted this blog ( on the forum) so many of your Addison’s friends will know what is going on…

    Love you,

  9. Thanks for the update.

    I know this is a HUGELY stressful time for you, so please remember to just breath. I am sending you my love and support, plus healing thoughts for your mom. Take care of yourself so you can be there for your mom when she gets home.

    (((((gentle hugs)))))

    PS LOVE the new blog theme!

    • Selena, Thanks for all the nice words and thoughts. I couldn’t sleep last night so I started playing around with my theme. Not sure if I like it, but it’s there for awhile I guess! xoxoxomo

  10. I wish I still lived on Roberts Rd. where I could be close to you now whenyou need me the most.
    You hand your family have been in my life for over 37 yrs. What beautiful memories to this wonderful friendship. we will always be family mo matter where or how far we live from each other.
    I willbe ther for all of you no matter when…no matter what time…. you will always be my BFF. Prayers and prayers for your Mom and you…..let’s just kill this damn Addison’s disease.

    Love Cheryl

  11. What a way to get all this across to us! Isn’t electronic messaging the answer!

    So many prayers out there for Little Lois. I sent a prayer e-mail, kind of different for me=)

    Full Addison’s crisis will be averted by the prayers we all say for YOU, too! ( and Karen, the kind of big sister I always wanted).

    Take care, go slow, it’s all in His hands-Our hearts but His hands….ILYBOA

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