Another Day

My Brother, Sister and I have been spending so much time at the hospital with my Mom that I really think we should start wearing scrubs.  I want this color…and I want to look this cool also.
The food at the hospital cafeteria is disgusting.  My Brother loves it.
 We are all so tired.  So is my Mom.
Today she told me she wanted to die.
I just swallowed hard and told her I didn’t want her to.
Not yet.  We are not done.
This is not fun, I don’t like it anymore.
Mono Girl and I will be back there tomorrow.
I hope she is better…overnight.
 My Aunt June and My Mom

9 responses

  1. I can’t believe she said she’s ready to go. Doesn’t sound like the Granny I know. You guys are all in my prayers. Tell mono girl I send hugs. Let me know if you need anything.

  2. Mo, I can’t imagine how painful it is to actually see a parent’s health decline before your eyes. It was hard enough not being there for my mom while she endured her slow, painful demise over the years. Your family’s strength & courage are so very honorable. I pray peace be with each of you & your faith brings you some comfort. Lovingly, Michelle

  3. I know it is very painful when we watch those we love hurting and we feel helpless, that’s normal, you are all showing her you love her. That will be such a comfort to her, knowing you all are there.

    Your mom is very cute.


  4. I carry your sadness with me around my heart. Lois’ words reveal her frustration. We all must pray so that God enables her to be uplifted in spirit and bring about even a tad of improvement each day. Does she have her rosary with her? Have her feel its presence in her hand and lock onto it when she feels the need. Her faith and the love of her children will empower her. “Lois the Lionhearted” will prevail once again.

  5. Oh Mo, my heart just goes out to you. I’m sending extra of everything to you and your mom right now. I hope that God or whoever is in charge hears your prayers and answers them. My heart goes out to you. I wish I was there in person to give you this (((((hug))))). ~Selena

    • oh boy…. It’s rough..

      That’s such a cute picture of your mom with Aunt June..

      I have scrubs that same color.. they call it Salmon.. and the food at my hospital is really good, but very expensive.

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