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  • I colored my hair today….I wish I hadn’t

I have been coloring my own hair for over 30 years.  My hair has been blonde, very blonde, auburn, strawberry blonde, copper red, and once a sort of apricot color…I have had some disasters.  No biggie. Tonight I went to Walgreen’s at like 10:30 p.m. I just had the urge to play beauty shop.  I bought the “newest” color I have been using lately.  Loreal Natural Blonde, perfect for the summer.  So I go home, put the junk on my head, it smells awful, Joe-Man complains, cat won’t come upstairs because of the stench.  Thirty minutes later I go to wash off the junk and I knew something was wrong…my hair doesn’t look right…I jump in the shower and rinse out the crap.  I exit the shower a new woman….a “Chesnut Brown wow do my eyes look green” woman!”

This is what I bought…nice summery not too light covers the gray blonde.This is what I got…brown really dark brown makes me look pasty brown

I grabbed the box…it says Natural Blonde #9.  I looked at the bottle of color…it says #5 chestnut Brown.  Oh Shit now what am I gonna do this damn box of color disaster that cost $8.99 will end up costing me a fortune to fix and boy oh boy I am calling the Loreal 800-oh-crap number tomorrow morning and they probably will just say “Whoops sorry” and send me a coupon for a free box.  AAAARRRGGGHHH.

The Joe-Man hasn’t seen me yet.  He will have a heart attack when he rolls over to snuggle when the alarm goes off in the morning.

I’m going to bed.

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  1. I am so glad that your Mom is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery. As for your hair, I hope you’ll post a picture on Facebook so we can all see what you look like as a brunette before you change it. And thanks for the heads up–I guess I better start checking the tubes inside the boxes as well.

  2. I’m sorry but I had to laugh. I had a dream once that someone has gone through the hair color aisle and switched all the color bottles in the boxes! I always check the little color bottle to make sure it is what it’s supposed to be!! I just did mine earlier this week and yeah I checked the color on the little bottle to make sure it matched the box. I bet you get free hair color for life from the company 🙂

    • Sherlock, I have occasionally checked the bottles but not this time. Loreal said it happens but not very often. Wow, I would love free hair color for life…it would save a lot of money!

    • That’s exactly what Billy said….Call Kathie! With my Mom now, it will be hard to figure out a time. Maybe Billy could get me out by youz guyz…I’ll bring the wine!

  3. The best news that our Lois is showing improvement. She’s comin’ around the mountain! Remember the baby steps, moment by moment, day by day. You have reason to smile back at the “dark-haired” girl in the mirror!! Love ya!!!!!

  4. Shades of Lindsey Lohan!!! (No pun intended!) I would give anything to see my little brother’s blue eyes pop out of his head when he wakes up. He may check his own house number and grab his car keys!!!! WHO is this dark-haired mysterious woman?
    Hey! We may have a lawsuit on our hands here. Heaven knows you and I, Maureen, are the reason Clairol stock is up all these years. We’ve used enough of it! They need to pay for “reconstruction” at the salon of your choice. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire……

  5. !! I had a colour come out weird once and never thought to check the bottle #- I wonder if that is what happened? So sorry to hear about the hair flub- it’s always so agonizing! Hopefully you can get it lightened or add highlights so it’s not so dark. And yay for all the good news! *hugs*

  6. It has been my experience that if you bit long and hard enough (but nicely and ask for a supervisor) you’ll get what you want…they made a BIG mistake and they need to make it right.

    But given everything you’ve been through lately, that’s a whole lotta effort…gotta weigh the cost benefit!

    Oh well been there done that. Turned my hair green once…but it was operator error so nobly to blame but myself. The really funny part was that I was in the military at the time and my hair matched my uniform!

    • Green uniform green hair green eggs and ham too? I screw up my hair at least once a year, good thing I wear it short because I can get it cut really short if I need too. And ya know, the hair is so low on my priority list with all that is going on with my Mom….but if it was green that would be another story!

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