Questions of the Day

  • Can a person survive just eating PopTarts and drinking Diet Pepsi?
  • Why do we have to pay for TV?
  • Why did all my flowers die even though I watered them twice a day?
  • Am I the only person that thinks McDonald’s has the best ice cream in the entire civilized world?
  • Why do some people think they can be outright rude to people?  Do they assume that “old people”  will just take their bad attitudes?  (I’m 57….that’s old if you are 30, I guess).  I came face to face with someone like this a few days ago , she thought I would be intimidated by her….oh boy was she WRONG!!!  smirk



Today my Mom was very discouraged about her situation.  The physical therapy – really very little because she is so weak – is wearing her out.  She doesn’t want to see anyone or talk to friends or family on the phone.  **I can totally understand this, I shut out everyone when I first got sick**  She was sobbing today, I just told her to go ahead and cry.

She is taking a medication that stimulates her appetite so she is eating a little more thankfully.  She looks like she has lost twenty pounds.  I will insist that she gets weighed tomorrow.  She will never get stronger if she doesn’t eat more. She says she can’t.  I get it.  Tomorrow when I go see her I’m gonna kick ass and take names.  I will talk to doctors, physical therapists and social workers.  I want to see some progress, if not, I want some answers.

  Time line?  Prognosis?   


7 responses

  1. You go Mo! I definitely want you on my side. Can I take you to my doctor appts. You are totally awesome! I wish I could be that assertive for myself, maybe I would be that way for a loved one tho–I just haven’t had to yet! Good for you being that way! I hope all goes well, and tell your mom I said hi! I know she doesn’t know me, but I do think about you both all the time!
    Love and blessings,

    • Dana, I tell her all about the responses and comments I get from my “Lady Friends” as she call all of you. She enjoys knowing of all the people that are thinking of her and praying. Hope you are feeling good these days.

  2. I think your key word here is “progress”. Lois is not seeing it happen (discouragement) and she herself can’t make it happen in her weakened case. I truly believe that by taking names and kicking some well-needed ass it will do you both some good. Write down exactly what you want to see happen and why you feel it’s not happening. Make sure her dr. is well aware of your legitimate concerns. Talk to a supervisor and not the desk nurses. Circumvent the system and go straight to the top! Make it happen!

  3. Hey Mo, Don’t get discouraged. Being in the hospital has weakened your mom & it will be an uphill struggle for her to get back where she was. I know because when I wound up in the hospital back in 2007 it took me 3 months to start feeling better and I didn’t have surgery.

    Just keep encouraging her to do PT. Get her all the snacks she loves & let her eat whatever she wants (as long as she doesn’t have diabetes of course.) Ensure is definitely a good idea; I like the Boost with extra protein myself.

    What does she like to do? Listen to music? Read books or magazines/listen to them on tape? Arts and crafts? Crossword puzzles, suduko, word searches? Surround her with fun things to do that can help her reconnect with the fun of life.

    Take care of yourself too.

    Now your questions:

    1. I can’t. My diabetes won’t let me… 😦
    2. I don’t … I have a rooftop HD antenna and I get free TV.
    3. Too much water?
    4. I do like McD’s sundaes, but Trader Joe’s has an awesome vanilla ice cream that is better.
    5. I think it is a younger generation thing … and I’d respond just like you did!

  4. Good for you Mo – you might want to try some Ensure for your mom. Since it’s a liquid, she might be able to manage it better than solid food, and it’s got tons of vitamins, minerals, and calories to hopefully help bring her weight back up. (Just make sure they don’t give her “reduced calorie” or “low fat”; you want the original, real deal with all the fattening stuff in it.)

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