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  1. Hi Mo,
    I’m not feeling too good today and then saw this thread still alive. It’s an easy way to communicate 🙂 Maybe you should have a coffee page.
    Whole beans R best. And no coffee just seems horrible to me. I think in moderation it’s okay, not that I use it in moderation, but I think it would be okay to do that.

  2. Love these! Some days I feel like I need a caffeine IV! Even though my docs say to lay off! But sometimes its what gets me through! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be visiting again 🙂

  3. I’ve had to quit drinking coffee for a bout a week or so as it’s made my throat sore! This is just after my parents bought me a coffee machine as a little treat. Don’t you just love karma!

  4. Well, just to keep the coffee brewing a while longer, I’m having a cup now. My budget meant going down in quality 😦 I like good coffee. You know, shade-grown, organic, grown in some place I’ve never heard of, and of course fair-trade, although not sure if that makes it taste better. But Mo I must say I’ve never had decaf I like. Maybe it is some really good decaf you have.

    I hope your day is going okay, or better..

    • My son loves the “fancy expensive” coffee. If he buys it I drink it. I always buy whole bean when it’s on sale…Hubby says he likes it better. I LOVE Dunkin’ Donuts coffee!! Minus the donuts tho of course…most of the time LOL!

    • Sometimes we will make decaf coffee in the evening, I swear I can’t tell the difference. My Firefighter Son is working a a coffee shop part-time and he is really hooked on it now!

  5. Hi Mo,
    Well, it’s a coffee conundrum when it doesn’t work isn’t it? Some days I think it puts me to sleep. I like the pics. My son is here and saw one. Says he knows people who drink a lot and go out and do stupid things. I laughed. I told him I wasn’t sure it is the coffee they drank.

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