A Chronic Girl

I can’t accept this life I lead
but I guess I have no choice
the Doctors say they have no clue
I feel I have no voice
My eyes  they won’t stay open
my body is so weak
my mind is really willing
but it just can’t move my feet
My nights are dark and endless
with little or no rest
then the sun comes up too early
I want to stay in my nest
This illness is not funny
but it knows who is the boss
I struggle all day to function
but it’s a fight I have lost
I have pills of many colors
that I swallow everyday
they make me wired and nauseous
Walgreens is happy at what I pay
I used to be a Super Girl
with Clark Kent at my side
but now I get so car sick
He can’t take me for a ride
So I’ll just do what I can do
when I can’t, I’ll just stay home
I’ll watch TV get mad and cry
and probably not answer the phone
The daily life of a Chronic Girl
is sad and awfully unfair
but I just keep going day by day
because of “my people” who care

13 responses

  1. Although it seems like your bod is sitting somewhere in the shadows, you, my sweet sister, possess a will of iron and steel. You need to know that you serve such a purpose in life ……. that of fighter, advocate, consoler, rallier, voice, and guardian of so many others. To each life, there is a reason. God bless you for all that you do!
    Much love,

  2. A poem your chronic girlfriends can relate too all too well Mo…. BTW, I’m impressed with your poem writing!

    I’m sorry you are feeling so horrible 😦 Sending a ton of gentle hugs your way!

  3. I know you are feeling like crap, but you can write one hell of a poem! 🙂 Please know I think of you often and your name is printed in *BOLD* in my prayer basket. Hang in there, Girlfriend. ((gentle hugs))

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