Peyton Place

My Mom is still at the rehabilitation facility (nice words for nursing home) and doing about the same.  The latest catastrophe was when her incision started weeping again, yes, her surgery was at the end of June and it has not healed yet.  She went to the ER and was admitted for wound care.  While she was she had her scheduled infusion of Dobutamine and Lasix for her heart condition.  At one point her heart rate went up to 184, the nurses almost keeled over, but she came out of it OK. 

Back at Peyton Place (The real name of the joint is Plymouth Place, but we have nicknamed it after the 1960’s nighttime soap opera.  This is because of some of the shenanigans we have seen there among the elderly residents.) .  Since she has been back she is having terrible pain, so much so that she is taking Darvicet again, which none of us wanted her to take again, and Tramadol.  The nights seem to the worst with her pain level a seven with a few times up to a 10.  She is still getting physical therapy for the repaired leg/knee, even though she is in an immobilizer because she can’t bend the leg. 

Sis and I have been taking turns spending time at Peyton Place, and both my brothers have been in town for moral support. 

Keep praying and sending good thoughts.  We would like her to recuperate to a point that we could take her home. 


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  1. Maureen,

    Our prayers are with you and your family. I don’t write much but I do keep checking on her. I know you are busy.

    Kathy & George

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