A Trip to D.C.

Tommorow my son Bill is driving from Chicago to Washington D.C to watch as his best friend graduates from the United States Secret Service Academy.

The Secret Service is an elite group of agents that protect the President of the United States and are also in charge of the U.S. Treasury Department. 

I first met Kevin when he was around 13 years old.  He was involved with the Boy Scouts and became good friends with my son.  Kevin is an Eagle Scout and those of you who are familiar with Scouting know this is a great accomplishment for any young man.  He followed my son into the Fire Service and became a Firefighter and Paramedic.  Then he received the call from the Secret Service.  This was just a dream of his, one he had since he was a young boy, but now it was coming true. 

He once showed me a picture of himself standing in front of the White House with two uniformed Officers.  He told me that he was so little he stood on the curb so he would look taller next to the Officers.   Later, he saw the Secret Service Agents in action.  The Presidential Limo was driving down the street and he observed the Agents riding on the bumpers and checking out the crowd.  It was then he knew that was what he wanted to be “When he grew up”.

And now, Kevin is grown up and at the end of this week he will be a real life Secret Agent Man!!  I could not be more proud of him!

Good Luck Agent Kevin!


One response

  1. How inspiring! I include you and your son in that – how inspiring!
    On behalf of this stranger, please thank your son for his service in the Fire Service, and thank Kevin for all he’s already done, and for what he’s offering his country.

    Then look in the mirror and say “Good job! People are grateful!” for the influence you’ve had on both young men. Life is better for all because of it.


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