Charlie the Squirrrel

My dog Tootsie is having an all out war in our backyard with the neighborhood squirrels.  I don’t know why they have chosen my yard, my dog,  but I can’t endure the fighting.

With her keen eyesight and hunter’s ears, Tootsie can spot a squirrel a mile away.  She will sit under a tree and not move for what seems like hours, not moving a muscle and just staring up into the tree.  Meanwhile all the little squirrel cell phones in town are ringing with instructions to meet down the block for a good time.  They show up in groups.  One group is in charge of jumping from tree to tree and screeching.  Another group is given the job of running along the top of the fence.  The third group runs up and down the tree trunks, and every once in a while one will try to run across the ground to another tree.  It is amazing to see how the squirrels work together to drive my dog crazy.  My dog is smart, but not nearly as smart as those crazy squirrels.  There is one big guy that seems to be in charge of the whole operation.  He is bigger and fatter than the other squirrels and sports a huge fluffy tail.  I do believe I have seen other squirrels salute him.  We call him Charlie.  Charlie is big and he seems to be a veteran of these types of backyard  confrontations.I fear how this will all end.  Will the squirrels drive my dog crazy so she will never go outside again?  Or will Tootsie win and make our yard a “Squirrel Free Zone”?  Could go either way.

Over and out.


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  1. People who’ve never seen it before sometimes don’t believe that squirrels will do coordinated attacks, but I am a believer. They’ve got guerrilla warfare down to a science. At a school near where I grew up, squirrels would wait hidden until people walked on the sidewalk under a particular area of trees. Once a person was in the right spot, some squirrels would jump out in front and behind them to keep them there while others in the trees would throw nuts and sticks down on the people’s heads. So strange, so funny, and kind of creepy!

  2. I don’t think you would like our solution. We’ve not had very many squirrels, this year, since Wyle E. Coyote started lurking. Come to think of it, Bambi & crew are rare , too, since Wyle got him one big doe in our ravine (on our property). He’s got scaaaaaarry eyes, for sure! YIKES!

  3. Awesome! We have crazy squirrels, too, but also a very docile chipmunk. He spends early mornings on one particular corner of our deck, his back to our house, serenely. We call him “the meditating chipmunk.”

    • We have chipmunks too, we think they have built a condo complex under our front cement porch. The cat loves to sit and watch them. They got in the bird food container one night. What a party that must have been!

  4. Mo, Darby does all that Tootsie does from the inside of our house ~ scampering from window to window ~ driving me nuts! Or at least heading in that direction. We use to live on the frm and raise cattle ~ now we live in town and raise squirrels. Love ya Girl! Irish

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