Mom’s Condo

Today my Sis and I went to my Mom’s condo to try and  go through some more of her things.  It’s a lonely little condo now.  So quiet.  The TV was always so loud when she would watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, but now the cable is disconnected, no one there to watch it.   

I wrote out some more thank you cards and watered her plants.  Sis continued to go through papers, piece by piece.  My Mom had no filing system and you never know what you will find.  While Sis did her thing I decided to go into the bedroom and start something there.  I have been avoiding that room…I didn’t think I was ready for it yet.  But, I took all her little boxes of jewelry from the top drawer of her dresser and went through them.  Amongst the boxes I found old pins and brooches I remember from when I was a kid.  Rosary beads, rosary beads and rosary beads.  Scatter pins, necklaces and every watch I think she ever owned.  There were a few pieces of old family jewelry, mostly men’s rings which probably belonged to her Father.  I separated good from bad, junk from genuine, and organized everything so the family can look through it all.  I threw out a lot of hair pins, safety pins and paper clips.  Then I found her glasses.   I wasn’t prepared for that.  Such a small thing to set me off. 

Before we left my Sis and I turned off all the lights and locked everything up tight.  Poor little sad condo.


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    • Yea, me too. It’s hard when we go over to her house. You expect her to come walking down the hall dragging that lease of hers. Me and Karen stay as long as we can, but it can get overwhelming and sad.
      xoxoYour Baby Sister

  1. I remember doing the same types of things for my mom. I got to hunt for the paperwork. It reminded me of a scavenger hunt and not in a good way. You write so real (that make sense? I can’t think of the word I’m looking for. Eloquent?) that I feel like I’m there with you. I feel for you.

  2. Mo, this is a difficult task. I remember doing it when my mom died and finding a note she had written but never mailed to my brother that just broke my heart. I cried and cried. You find so many things that bring back memories and make you laugh at times as well as bringing tears.

    I am thinking of you…

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