This evening I went to the grocery store alone, which I seldom do.  I only needed a few things, so I felt confident that I could get through the aisles without collapsing. 

First item:  Bagels.  The ones that were on sale were on the bottom three shelves.  Problem was…the last three shelves are about knee height to me.  So, I had to get down on the floor and reach to the back of the shelf to get the one I wanted.

Item 2:  Frozen vegetables.  Popular brand on sale, but on top shelf in freezer aisle.  I could see the boxes, but they were so high I couldn’t tell what was corn or what was broccoli.  I had to walk around to find someone to help me.  She was bothered by the whole thing.

Item 3:  Kitty Litter.  Easy enough.  But the giant containers are about shoulder height for me.  I could never get it down and if I did I wouldn’t be able to lift it into the buggy.  Ironically the bottom shelf on the buggy isn’t deep enough to fit the container.

Item 4:  Yogurt.  Rows and rows of yogurt.  Every brand, every flavor you could imagine.  Yogurt as far as the eye can see.  Couldn’t reach the ones I wanted.  I guess only giant tall people eat that brand of yogurt. 

Item 5:  Soy milk. See  #2 and #4.

Whoever designed this store needs a bitch slap. 

So I get in line, pay for my stuff, and walk out to my car. I was so frustrated I could’ve spit.  Then a guy walking by gives me a look and says “Handicapped parking?  Must be nice.” I could have slapped him, but I knew he could probably run faster than me.  So I gave him the MOM LOOK. 

I’m not ever going shopping alone again. Ever. Never.

(Oh by the way, I’m 5 foot two, eyes of blue)


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  2. How is it that you never go alone? Just curious…

    I can’t imagine going grocery shopping with anyone because I hate it so much. I’m always surly when I have to buy food for myself. Strange. I don’t like how expensive things have gotten, and buying everything on sale often results in nothing but mediocrity.

    …See? I can’t even *comment* about grocery shopping without getting surly!

    • I hate it too, but physically I can’t do it alone. I have a few health problems that prevent me from having fun by myself. I get fatigued very easily and have been known to sit on the cases of Diet Coke to rest. Better just to make someone go with me. If I send them alone they come back with mac and cheese, popcorn, cookies, milk and beer.

  3. This is classic Andy Rooney stuff. You should take his job after he retires from 60 Minutes. You’re better than me. I would’ve growled some naughty words at the jerk!

  4. Grocery shopping can be such a nightmare, and ignorant people just ad insult to injury 😦 Grocery stores (especially the big ones) intimidate me. Maybe we can open a chain of stores that are chronic folk friendly 😉

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