Things I Find on The Internet When I Am Bored

When I’m not feeling well I spend a lot of time on Internet. and when I do, I somehow end up at some pretty cool places. I usually have no idea  how I got there.  Today I will share my interesting finds with you – my Readers  – so you can also waste  spend more countless hours on your computer.

I do not bake, and never will, but I love to look at these pictures and imagine myself a famous pastry chef.  (I have a rule in my kitchen:  If the recipe starts with the words “Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees” It doesn’t happen.)


I am a hair freak.  I spend hours looking at new styles and colors.  This is the site I am addicted to.  Freaky freaky hair freak…that’s me

                       Me Now……paint red.

Me….next time.  Red with pink highlites?


Cat poop.  I hate it.  But you need to deal with it if you want a cat.  This thing looks interesting but I’m not convinced yet.  Has anyone bought one of these?


If you don’t know about this site, you must visit it. Some beautiful images to look at there.


You gotta check this site out.  Amazing things people will say when they can say it anonymously.


And this is a must for me in my Favorites…I am too old to know all this stuff on my own.  LOL    TTFN


5 responses

    • I used to be blonde….then strawberry blonde….now I’m auburn. My hair is thick and straight so that cut works good for me. Every once in a while I think I want long hair again, but I always give up and go short again.

  1. Secrets: We had an art exhibit in town that was simply a white wall with the word “CONFESS” written in the middle. People took markers and covered it with their secrets. It was very moving.

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