I have a wonderful little cat named Bootsie.  She is a black and white Tuxedo cat.  They are called Tuxedo cats because it looks like they are wearing a tiny tuxedo…cute?  I call my cat “Bootsie” because it look like she has on tiny little boots…cute?

She fetches, which I understand a lot of cats do.  How endearing.

Not only does she fetch, she hunts.  At night, as soon as the lights go out.

First I hear her running up and down the stairs and tearing through the house.  Then she lets out a scary howling sound that reminds you of a cat in heat…no… a scary Halloween possessed cat in heat.  Kinda like this…but louder and not so friendly like.

She then brings me all her hunting treasures on puts them all over my bed. Twist ties, milk carton rings, fuzzy little cat toys, and ping pong balls.  Then she sleeps on my head. 

I love my cat Bootsie.  My dog Tootsie just wants to play with her…or kill her.  I’m not sure.

Too funny not to include on a post about cats!  Enjoy!


6 responses

  1. My husband and I have a cat as well, and she also fetches. She is a great hunter, but she prefers to kill roaches. This is perfectly fine with me because we live in Southeast Texas, and we get the big roaches that sometimes make their way into our house. I used to worry, but now the only time I see them, they are already dead. Good cat!

  2. My parents fell in such love with my sister’s tuxie-cat that they adopted one of their own. I have known several over the years and they have such personality! (Of course,e very cat is a Personality, for sure!)

  3. I mentioned you in my blog post today (because of the cat video) and then I got to thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have done that. If it’s not alright please let me know!

  4. I don’t have a cat but I like them a lot. I loved the “Fly Guy” cartoon because sometimes I get weak and start thinking about adopting and the cartoon reminded me of why I don’t get a cat!

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