I have been trying to plan our Thanksgiving dinner and I’m not having a good time.

First, this will be the first Thanksgiving in about four years that will be at my house.  Those last years few years we gathered at my Mom’s condo, because it was too hard to get her out of the house.  But, now with her gone, our first holiday without her, it will be sad for all of us. 

And  I am faced with problems of logistics.

My college son will be home on Tuesday evening and stay through Friday afternoon.

My older son has to work his daytime job on Wednesday until about 6 PM, come home, gear up and go the fire department at 8PM and work 36 hours straight until Friday at 8 AM. 

I don’t know which day to cook.  I’m also thinking about getting one of those big giant Perdue Roasters (Chicken) and serve that, instead of a 78 lb turkey.  That is what they have left when I finally go to the store to get the bird. Plus I always throw out so much food.

It’s really not the day that we celebrate, it’s just that we are all together, at the same time.  We will work it out for sure.  (I’ve joked that I am a terrible cook….but I can make a mean Thanksgiving Dinner!!)

What are you my Dear readers doing?  Any major problems that you need to contend with?  I just hope I feel well enough to get out of bed.  I have missed a few Holiday festivities because of my illness.  BAH HUMBUG!


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  1. Okay. Did I read your post right? 78 pound turkey? Yikes!

    I have order my 16 pound turkey from my local farm and I am making my own organic meal. I will then be spending it with just me and Dekker or one other friend if she can make it. If she can, I will also be playing a long game of scrabble!

  2. We will visit my folks out of state for the holiday, which means separate beds (I just can’t sleep on a mattress on the floor anymore). I love my parents dearly and look forward to seeing them, but not negotiating slick wooden stairs or narrow hallways cluttered with bookcases and knick-knacks. I dread the colder weather they’re sure to have (it regularly snows at Thanksgiving by them) although I am getting better at being prepared ahead of time for these trips.

    My dad loves to cook and while helping him to prepare a meal can be frustrating at times, we always enjoy sitting down together to eat. I will miss my sister and bil, and the empty seat at the table that was my grandfather’s always gives me a moment of sadness.

    For all the hassle, having family close and remembering loved ones is what the holiday is all about. Good luck, Mo!

  3. Thanksgiving is a holiday I hate on one level and love on another. I used to love it becasue it meant pumpkin pie, turkey and gravy, stuffing, all the good food. Now I just get to go hang out with my family and watch them eat. So I try to enjoy the company. I’m headed home this weekend to have our gathering on Sunday.

    I hope your family’s holiday is enjoyable. The first holiday without a loved one is difficult. Actually, all of them are. HUGs

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