Is It Christmas Already?

Did I miss Thanksgiving?  Is it Christmas next week maybe? 

There are two houses near me that have their Holiday decorations up already.  I don’t mean a few lights and a blow up Santa Claus either.  These yards are so jam-packed with stuff the yard is just a blur of color.  Christmas trees, Santas, candy canes, reindeers, nativity scenes, snowmen, you name it….they got it.  Major competition.

It must look like a landing strip to the airplanes.  I bet every satellite in the atmosphere can see it.  I would hate to see their electric bills.  (Sorry kids, no presents this year.  All our savings are going towards the power bill.  But we might be shown on the local news or the neighborhood paper.  If we are really lucky, we might win the city decorating contest.  Just imagine….most obnoxious house in the whole city!  AAAHHH) 

I remember my elderlyFather-In-Law used to open his coat closet, take down the Christmas wreath from the shelf, open the front door and hang it on the nail that was there since 1953 specifically for that purpose.  He would then close the door, smile and say “Christmas decorations…done!”

If we only got more excited about what is going on inside our houses, than how many strings of lights we can put on our roofs, maybe this Holiday season would be more enjoyable and meaningful.


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  1. Thanks so much for the “Pa Christmas Memory”. He certainly took a lot of joy in his simple ritual that had so much meaning to him. You are so right, Maureen. Maybe if we all kept it more “simple” we would actually have that “peace” that we all desperately need to share.

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