Blue Monday

Even though my NaBloPoMo friend Michael already talked about the Midwest weather, I’m going to do the same.  My Husband has been painting our house for two weeks every chance he gets.  He was up 6:30 A.M., and outside painting shortly thereafter.  It is now raining like Noah is buiding the Ark, and my Hubby is pacing.  He is imaganing the paint just washing off the house.  It might be.  It’s raining that hard.  We also have tornado warnings…. in November.  April/May are tornado months in northern Illinois.  We spend a great deal of time in our basement during the spring playing cards and listening to the National Weather Service on the radio. Oh well.

It’s Monday and I still don’t have a bird to cook for Thanksgiving.  Those things take like a month to thaw so I guess I’m going to have to drive all over looking for a fresh turkey to make.  I worry so much about salmonella and campylobacter bacteria from poultry that I would be happy eating peanut and jelly sandwiches.  I generally overcook the bird to make sure no one gets sick.  But, I am such a horrible cook that my family doesn’t really expect much.  They all love cranberry sauce and deviled eggs, which I can do very well.

I’m going to go check the basement to make sure the rain isn’t filling it up.  And it’s almost time for Dancing With The Stars.  And I love DWTS. 


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