My Two Little Boys

Dan, my youngest came home from college tonight for Thanksgiving.  This kid is so full of energy you can feel the electricity in the air when he walks into the room.  Bill, his big brother is exactly the opposite, so cool and calm sometimes you don’t even know he’s in the room.

They weren’t together more than 10 minutes and they were horsing around and teasing each other.  I miss my little boys. 

 We are having our Turkey day tomorrow because Bill has to work at the firehouse from  8PM tomorrow until 8AM on Friday.  36 hours straight!  I hope they have a nice slow couple of shifts, so they can eat a good dinner and get some sleep at night.

Today the Joe-Man worked in the yard for over eight hours.  He filled up two large garbage containers with grass clippings and 14 bags of leaves.  The pup was out with him all day jumping around in the leaves, and she said she finally went to sleep under one of the trees.  Tired puppy.

Since we will eating leftover on Thanksgiving, I think I have talked the Joe-Man into cleaning my living room and dining room carpets.  Nothing else going on Thanksgiving right?….except football games.

First Thanksgiving Without My Mom.  It will be bittersweet. It  I don’ ruin too many of the recipes.We have Pie, icecream, wine and beer if I do! YAY!

Billy – 25 years old on Dec 3, and Dan 23 on Jan 3rd.



3 responses

  1. Ahhh, I miss you all. Where did our lil ones go? They’re still in there… just got big adult bodies! Gobble, Gobble, dearest friends. Love you all! Michelle & the ‘G’ gang

  2. Hey Mrs. K.,

    I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. I too have to work on Thanksgiving so it will make for a very long day! I love the pictures of the boys… have very handsome sons!! 🙂 I miss you guys very much. We need to do lunch one day, you and I!!!

    The offer is still there for if you need anything just give me a call!! Happy Thanksgiving.
    ~Love ya,

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